Would You Like a Memory Trick?

“Memory is added enduring than ink.” Anita Loos

I abounding a webinar with Ida Shessel, who discussed 5 elements that access the likelihood that a anamnesis will be imprinted in the brain. She believes that we can addition acquirements assimilation if we absorb some, if not all, of the afterward anamnesis banner elements:

  1. Visual
  2. Rare or unusual
  3. Linked or associated to something
  4. Movement (that enhances the visual)
  5. Emotional

Ida approved one actual able way to do this through the link-method, which is an image-based address for abstraction lists. It uses decision and affiliation to change abstruse facts into brainy pictures that are simple to remember. This works because a lot of people’s accuracy can bethink beheld images (pictures) abundant easier than abstruse information. It aswell works because it requires canonizing just one affair at a time.

If you can catechumen advice into a account (such as errands, a arcade list, key action items, amount values, breeze charts, advice steps, etc.), you can use this technique.

You represent the aboriginal account on the account with a asinine memorable image. Again you use addition silly, memorable angel that links the aboriginal account on the account to a additional item. You abide in this way until you complete the list.

What you are accomplishing in aspect is creating a story.

For example, I can still anamnesis the adventure Ida acclimated if I listened to the webinar yesterday. I was clumsy to see her PowerPoint, so I may be demography some authorization with the images that she used, but they’ll be as abutting as I can come.

She said that she had errands to run: bead her cat at the vet, go grocery shopping, yield her car in for repairs, and aces up her cat.

So, first, she had us brainstorm an abnormal cat- maybe the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland. Again accept the cat sit in a watermelon. The watermelon alcove out to an eggplant that looks like the watermelon. The eggplant takes a angle to eat some broccoli. The broccoli runs abroad to ball with a carrot. The allotment decides she wants to ball with a assistant instead. The assistant turns alongside and grows wheels, axis into a car. Again brainstorm the cat sitting on the car.

In this way, she helps us bethink to: bead off the cat at the vet; go to the grocery abundance to aces up watermelon, eggplant, broccoli, carrots and bananas; yield the car for repair; and aces up the cat.

Ida embellishes her adventure abundant bigger than I accept reproduced it for you, but you can get an abstraction of how she incorporates the visual, unusual, movement, emotional, and associational anamnesis banner elements.

Let me attack this with a training-related list. I’m traveling to use the link-method to advice my participants bethink my six-step assignment architecture process.

You NEED to acquisition a map to plan your trip. The map you acquisition shows two altered routes aflame in neon colors, both of which will get you to your adapted GOAL. Your GOAL is a esplanade with willow copse that dribble with fish. Your OBJECTIVES are to locate the esplanade and yield videos of the trees. Your AGENDA at the esplanade will be abounding of arduous ACTIVITIES. You will charge to backpack up a abundance of tutti frutti ice chrism and again zipline down to a coulee to get to the trees. You’ll EVALUATE if the cruise was account it if you are able to advertise your videos for a lot of money.

The link-method can aswell cover a story:

First, brainstorm a man who has absurdly absolved into the arid after a sun barrier, baptize or supplies. Now he is actual lost, the sun is afire his derma and he is dying of thirst. He NEEDS to acquisition baptize to alcohol and get out of the sun. He is about atrocious if he assuredly sees an oasis. Relieved, he boring walks against his GOAL.

Once there, he anon drinks several air-conditioned glasses of baptize while sitting central the tent. He knows that he can’t break in the haven forever. His OBJECTIVES are to acquisition some way to get aback to acculturation area he can ameliorate and plan his next steps.

A accumulation of tourists with rainbow-colored scarves captivated about their faces arrives on camels. The tourists accept brought an added biscuit that they begin forth the way. This biscuit is neon blush with a striped covering awning over the saddle, and the saddle has lots of tassels. The biscuit is apparently a delinquent from some sheik.

The man hopes that the tourists will advice him with his AGENDA which involves benumbed the biscuit to accompany them if they leave to go aback to the city. The tourists agree, as continued as he will sing songs as they travel. So the man does his best to administer both ACTIVITIES, singing as he rides while aggravating not to abatement off the camel.

When he has had some time in the city-limits to blow and rehydrate, he EVALUATES his trip. He knows how actual advantageous he was that he begin the haven and a way aback home. Thank advantage he knew how to sing! Despite his foolishness, he survived!

I’ve attempted to actualize two altered anamnesis banner methods that absorb the visual, unusual, movement, emotional, and associational elements. How did I do? Would either of them advice anyone bethink the six basal assignment architecture steps?